MSc Human Performance
BSc (Hon) Sport Science
L2 Triathlon Coach
Diploma in Personal Training
BTF Certified Open Water Coach

My philosophy is very simple; I love to see people achieve their goals. I believe communication is the key to a good athlete/coach relationship, where an athlete centred approach is key. I don’t believe in generic training programmes, but programmes designed to suit the individual and their lifestyle”.

Triathlon and endurance sports have been my passion now for well over 10 years; whether as a member of Aspiring Performance Triathlon Club, or a coached client, my goal is to improve you as an athlete and ensure you enjoy training and racing as much as I do. I believe the key to success is through treating clients as individuals and through excellent communication. I have coached athletes ranging from complete novices through to GB Age competitors; from triathletes to mountain bikers and from sprint distance triathlons up to Ironman distance racing.

My personal triathlon journey started in 2005 as both a coach and competitor. Whilst studying for a BSc in Sport Science I became intrigued in the performance of endurance athletes, and coaching triathletes was a natural progression from my Personal Training background. I started coaching with Jetstream Triathlon club, taking the role of Head Coach of the clubs junior section.

I continued with my studies and completed an MSc in Human Performance in 2009. At this point my business focused primarily on endurance coaching and sport science support. In 2014 I fulfilled my ambition and launched my own triathlon club and Aspiring Performance was launched. Since then I have continued to support athletes with a wide range of abilities and goals I have competed as a triathlete since 2005 in races from sprint to middle distance as well as enjoying trail running and mountain biking as training modes. Prior to my triathlon career, rugby was both my main sport and passion before developing a love of training outdoors rather than a gym.

MSc in Exercise Physiology

BSc (Hon) Sport and Exercise Science

Accredited Strength and Conditioning Coach.

Philosophy: I believe gym based strength and conditioning has a vital part to play in the physical preparation of triathletes of all levels. When regular sessions are performed throughout the year and are executed with correct techniques, injury risk is lowered and physical performance enhanced.

My enthusiasm for sport and desire to learn how the body works led me to decide to study Sport and Exercise Science at university. It was during this undergraduate degree at Loughborough University I developed a keen interest in how the body responds to training, both acutely and in the long term. This curiosity resulted in furthering my knowledge on this topic by studying a masters degree in Exercise Physiology, during which my dissertation focused on triathletes.

Having gained this knowledge on my degrees, I wanted to apply what I knew to benefit athletes. I chose to do a one year internship in strength and conditioning and undertake my strength and conditioning qualification to enable me to do this to the best of my ability. My internship and qualification laid the foundations for me as a coach, taught me new exercises and how to programme training throughout the year effectively. My first job as strength and conditioning coach at Halton Tennis Centre without a doubt continues to develop these skills.

Like many, my triathlon journey started with doing one for charity and falling in love with the sport. After a year of training and competing I set myself the goal of qualifying for Age Group Team GB in sprint distance triathlon. I programed my own training and trained myself and nailed a third place finish, meaning automatic qualification in my first attempt. I really do believe my solid athletic foundation from my previous gym training helped me to train injury free and benefit my performance.

I now want to share my skills, knowledge and experience with other triathletes to plan and deliver strength and conditioning sessions to reduce injury risk and enhance performance.

MSc Human Performance

BSc (Hon) Sport Science

IOC Diploma in Sports Nutrition

“You can’t train out a bad diet! Nutrition and training go hand in hand, supporting each other to ultimately improve your performance and help you take another step forward in achieving your goals. Nutrition doesn’t have to be complicated but it must be tailored and refined to the individual, one size definitely doesn’t fit all”.

I have been in and around fitness since 2000, starting my career within the gym environment helping people to improve their health and fitness. This sparked off my interest and desire to create a career not only in sport but also in helping people in physical training.

In the early years of my sporting career, training and coaching was my main focus but following university I was more interested in helping people support their training goals through nutrition. This has predominately been in commercial nutrition, working for brands such as Lucozade Sport and Maximuscle. As a nutritionist it’s not all been commercially focused, within the last 7 years I have provided nutritional support for an array of sports and individuals from grass-roots up to Olympic Athletes and professionals.

I have been very fortunate to work in many sports but one that has always interested me both as a nutritionist and as a competitor is triathlon. I found a new level of insight and respect from putting the science of nutrition recommendations into practise in numerous events including the Ironman. These insights have helped me provide a great balance as a practitioner to not only get the most out of science but help individuals understand the practical application.

Over the past few years I have worked with British triathlon in coach education and closer with athletes for the Army Triathlon Association and I’m pleased to be part of the team at Aspiring Performance.