Winter Programme 2017-2018

The aim of our club sessions is to focus on key workouts designed to improve performance. Sessions may vary over holiday periods, with the winter programme running from October 2nd 2017 – April 29th 2018.

Session Day/time Venue Description
Pool Swim Monday


Stoke Mandeville Stadium Our Monday night coached swim is a no frills session focusing on technique and fitness. The winter will be broken down into phases where we focus on different elements of your swim stroke ensuring you are ready for the season when it starts.
Tri-Specific Strength and Conditioning Tuesday


Halton Tennis Centre Our coached tri-specific S&C sessions are a must for the serious multisport athlete. Run by Gemma, S&C will ensure you are stronger and less likely to get injured. As well as being a certified S&C Coach, Gemma holds an MSc in Exercise Physiology, is a highly experienced Personal Trainer and GB Age Group Triathlete. Safe to say you will be in very good hands.
Turbo Training Wednesday 2000-2100 Halton Tennis Centre Our coached turbo sessions are designed to purely to build strength and improve your FTP (Functional Threshold Power). These are high intensity sessions that that will develop stronger legs and lungs. We have turbo trainers that can be used for free by our members. The turbo sessions will include brick sessions this winter (bike/run).
Pool Swim Thursday


Stoke Mandeville Stadium –  Session 1; 2030-2115. This session is designed to help swimmers develop technique without the stress off a high volume/intensity session. You will work on specific aspects of your stroke to aid correct development.

–  Session 2; 2115-2200. A short hard session designed to develop speed. This session will consist of high intensity work to build anaerobic fitness.

–  Session 3; 2030-2200. This is our high volume set and is perfect for standard distance-long distance triathletes looking to develop their aerobic base.

Thursday night is also test night and will include test sessions such as the Broken Kilometre and CCS tests to measure progress.

Run Saturday


Various locations We vary our Saturday morning runs to cover different aspects. They include;

–  Track sessions; held on the running track at Stoke Mandeville Stadium, the session includes technique work and high intensity sessions to develop efficiency and speed.

–  Interval session; we will take to the Phoenix Trail to focus on interval training. Distance can vary depending on requirements of the individual, but you will run with other club members to develop your speed.

–  Trail run; locations may vary but this is typically held in Wendover Woods. We will take to the trails to experience the best mud and hills we can find. Trail running is an excellent way to build strength, but a reasonable level of fitness will be required.

–  Park Run; a chance to get out and run 5 km against the clock. This is a great way to see how you are improving.

Club Ride Sunday 0830-1130+ Start at Stoke Mandeville Stadium We organise a number of different rides on Sunday mornings for varying needs and abilities. Rides take us out into the beautiful surroundings of the Aylesbury Vale and Chiltern Hills. Rides vary from longer endurance rides to interval and hill repeat sessions and also include club challenges. Ride times and distances will vary. Helmets are essential on all rides as well as lights in the winter. In the interest of safety, rides times may be changed or rides cancelled depending on weather conditions. A reasonable level of fitness is required for club rides.