What do you get?

You can’t spend too much time around the worlds of cycling or triathlon these days without hearing about the benefits of training with power. So what is the big deal?

In short recording power whilst training and racing allows you to see and analyse your “output”. Whilst measuring heart rate and perceived exertion (listening to your body) have their place, power has become the key measurement when measuring performance and depicting training zones. There is one downside to training with power; it is expensive. Ideally we would all have power meters on our bikes but with prices ranging from £500 for basic models up to over £2000 for top end options, it is a cost many of us can’t afford.

Our Wattbike is based at Halton Tennis Centre, just outside Aylesbury and with easy access from the A41. The Wattbike is a fantastic tool for coaching cyclists. It is the only cycle ergometer to be endorsed by British Cycling. The Wattbike allows us to:

Analyse pedalling technique to see how effectively you apply power to the pedals.

Measure performance, either through Maximum Minute Power (MMP), Functional Threshold Power (FTP) or British Cycling Ramp Test.

Record blood lactate profiles

Measure power to weight ratios (a key performance variable when the road goes up).

Set training zones based on either power or heart rate.

Testing Packages

Standard + Test

£56 (£201 for a 4 Test Package)

  • Our Wattbike Performance Test consists of:
  • • Either 3 Minute Aerobic Test (MMP) or 20 Functional Threshold Power (FTP) Test or British Cycling Ramp Test (BCRT)
  • • Anthropometric measurements (stature, mass and body composition)
  • • Pedalling Analysis Test
  • • Power to weight ratio
  • • Maximum Heart Rate (BCRT only)
  • • Heart Rate at Threshold (FTP Test only)
  • • Training Zones
  • • Coaching points and report
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Lactate Profile Test

£91 (£330 for a 4 test package)

  • • Anthropometric measurements (stature, mass and body composition)
  • • Stature
  • • Body mass
  • • Pedalling Analysis Test
  • • Power to weight ratio
  • • Polar graph analysis
  • • Coaching points
  • Blood Lactate Test
  • • Power at lactate threshold
  • • Heart rate at lactate threshold
  • • Power to weight at lactate threshold
  • • Training zones
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Club Testing

If you are interested in setting up a testing package for your cycling or triathlon club then please contact David. You are welcome to visit us at Halton Tennis Centre or there is the option of bringing the Wattbike to you. Costs will vary depending on the number of tests, location and type of test.

Testing Guidelines

To ensure that your test results are as meaningful and accurate as possible, please click here to read the instructions.