Low Usage Membership


  • Our Low Usage Membership package is for members that struggle to commit to more than one session a week on a regular basis.
  • Your monthly fee will entitle you to attend 4 sessions a month (5 during a 5 week month)
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Full Membership


  • Full Membership gives you access to all of our club sessions.
  • There are no extra costs for facilities (with the exception of open water venues in the summer), nor are there any limits on how many sessions you may attend.
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Coach Supported Membership


  • As well as everything included in Full Membership, the Coach Supported package includes a weekly review and feedback of your training by our Head Coach, David.
  • You will need a Training Peaks account and the ability to upload your sessions to it.
  • This package doesn’t include programme design.
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Coached Membership


  • The Coached Membership is designed to help you get the very best out of your training.
  • As well as Full Membership to the club, you will receive a bespoke training programme designed for you as an individual written by David and delivered through Training Peaks coaching software.
  • This will include weekly analysis of your programme and regular feedback including a monthly face to face review.
  • The beauty of this package is that you get to see our coaches on regular basis to help you with technique work in our club sessions.

All membership categories entitle you to 3 x 45 minute consultations a year to discuss your training goals, as well as discounts on other Aspiring Performance services.